Aaron Ander

Holistic Nutrition and Iridology

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Aaron Ander is a Board member of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants of Canada, and is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. He has a diploma in holistic iridology from the American College of Iridology.

To learn more about Aaron, or to contact him, please visit his professional homepage www.naturalpathhealing.com

# 202-2032 Columbia Ave, Castlegar BC

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Iridology Health Assessment $80

In this one hour assessment, we review an image of the eyes for information about your current health condition. Using a chart of the iris of the eye, Iridology can reveal health conditions in the organs and tissues, providing insight into our health plan.

Benefits of Iridology:

  • Unique insight into the health condition of the body
  • Initial health recommendations based on iris analysis
  • Initial recommendations based on constitutional health
  • Referrals to complimentary modalities
  • Reduced rate for health overview

Health Overview $120

In this introductory meeting we will review your goals, assess your health history, and provide some practical ways you can begin to take better care of your body.

Iridology health assessment is optional in this overview.

Benefits of a Health Overview:

  • Begin to uncover ways to address symptoms in your body
  • Learn about how your body works
  • Initial recommendations based on constitutional health
  • Referrals to complimentary modalities
  • First step towards a full client program

Client Program $250

This includes a health intake and assessment in our first appointment. A program is developed that looks at nutrition and supplements and is delivered in our second meeting. I am available for three months of support following the start of program.

Benefits of a Full Client Package

  • Two appointment visits for health intake and program delivery
  • Program research and development
  • Three months of support for any new program
  • New clients can apply their fee towards membership

Annual Membership $550

Following our initial program clients can choose to remain on board with regular health check-ins and adjustments to the program. At three months, six months, and at one year we meet to review progress and make any changes that are needed.

Benefits of Annual Membership

  • Follow-up appointment and review of program
  • One full year of support
  • Appointments available as needed
  • Review at year end to assess ongoing health goals


Holistic Nutrition is different from the practice of those registered with the College of Dieticians of British Columbia.  The term Registered Dietician is regulated in BC to those who practice under that regulatory college.  Holistic Nutritionists are currently unregulated health practitioners in BC, and will generally belong to professional associations, such as the IONC, who guide standards of practice for the profession.  The educational standards help guide private institutes to offer curriculums that range between 1000-2000 hours of classroom training and practical application.  Yearly upgrading education and adherence to codes of  ethics and standards of practice are also required. 

For more information visit IONC — International Organization of Nutritional Consultants